Listen to people who have "worn your shoes",  with proven, practical experience who deliver results 


Working out who to listen to is as important as acting on the advise you receive when you are taking steps into the unknown.


We have first hand experience of growing software companies in the UK and internationally, utilising a range of models, partners and channels. Access our experience, advice and guidance to make a real difference to your success.

Non Executive

We help you get to the real issues, supporting you take the right steps that shorten the road to success


Having expertise and experience around the Board table will inform and guide you and your team to deliver the right answers and actions

Project Advisory

We help you collaborate and coordinate stakeholders to plan and execute on time, budget and quality



Getting things done with control and transparency, while bringing everyone with you needs thought, process, planning and the ability to think critically about achieving progress and results 


We help you deal with big or unexpected problems, challenges or opportunities effectively 


Bringing the talent, expertise and experience to deal with something specific means you get what you need and remain focused on your job


We help leaders and teams solve problems, develop strategies, tactics and themselves, to optimise results



Solving your problems for you or with you is different, but finding the right balance, at the right time takes a mutual understanding of what's needed professionally or personally, based on shared trust and respect